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Industry Focal Points

Industry Focal Points

Bad Homburg is strategically located in the heart of Germany. It also disposes over excellent local, regional, national and international traffic and transport connections, which tie the city to the metropolitan region of FrankfurtRhineMain, the rest of Germany, Europe and the world. Bad Homburg and its environs are inviting, while the climatic conditions are nothing short of ideal. These factors say little about the business advantages and economic focal points of Bad Homburg, which are of course of great importance, should Bad Homburg remain competitive on the national and international stage and continue to develop positively.

To continue its positive development, Bad Homburg has been examining how strongly individual busi-ness sectors are represented in and around the city. The degree of know-how of the city’s core industries is after all a vital precondition for targeted business development. The business location of Bad Homburg will only develop successfully with a clearly defined image and profile in place, thereby promoting new businesses to relocate to Bad Homburg and those already here to remain for the long term. An in-depth analysis of all businesses registered in the trade registry of the time-honoured spa town showed that the business location of Bad Homburg offers a range of pertinent advantages for the pharmaceutical, medical and measurement technology sectors. These sectors, as well as the many healthcare institutions based in Bad Homburg, are summarised in the HEALTHCARE category.

Further focus is on the business consulting, information and communication technology (ICT) and financial services sectors:
The Business Development Office of Bad Homburg (Wirtschaftsförderung) manages a number of platforms and special events of various formats aimed at further promoting these industry sectors.
  • Consulting

    Business consulting is a key economic sector in Bad Homburg and the FrankfurtRhineMain region. mehr
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  • Healthcare Industry

    Some 80 companies based in Bad Homburg operate within the German healthcare industry – from advance services and production to sales and marketing. mehr
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  • Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT)

    The Information and Communication Technology sector (ICT) is one of the absolute focal points of Bad Homburg’s business landscape. mehr
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