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After-school childcare

Childcare outside of school hours is available for schoolchildren at supervised primary schools and after-school daycare centres.
In most cases, the Hochtaunus District is the primary sponsor of the childcare centres and responsible party for the supervised primary schools. After-school daycare centres, on the other hand, fall into the sphere of responsibility of Bad Homburg’s municipal administration or private institutions.

Childcare centres (“Betreuungszentrum”) nach oben

Supervised primary schools (“Betreute Grundschule”) nach oben

After-school day-care centres (“Kinderhort") nach oben

Childminders (“Kindertagespflege”) nach oben

When employing a childminder, many aspects of the childcare to be provided may be individually agreed upon. Childminding is available for children of all age groups.

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