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Commercial Space

Commercial Space

Information on Bad Homburg’s industrial parks and commercial areas is available here.
  • Commercial Zones

    Made up of more than 100 hectares, Bad Homburg’s commercial zones have a wide range of qualita-tive properties available. mehr
  • Advisory Committee

    Here, you’ll to find a land valuation map of Bad Homburg, real estate market reports, market value appraisals and further information provided by the Advisory Committee. mehr
    Ausschnitt aus der Bodenrichtwertkarte
  • New: Bad Homburg’s commercial properties in 3-D

    This business site presentation depicts the most important commercial zones and industrial areas of Bad Homburg as well as selected commercial properties and construction projects. mehr
    Büro- und Gewerbepark Mitte
  • Property search made easy

    Bad Homburg is now represented on the Communal Real Estate Portal (Kommunale Immobilienportal or KIP). This portal is a product of wunschgrundstück.de. mehr
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